Roundtrip Night & Day

Anamorphotic installation that a user can experience by driving an interactive camera car through it.

A project of INTERPOL+- Interdisciplinary Studios.

While I was working at INTERPOL+- Interdisciplinary Studios, I was heavily involved with the team that created Roundtrip Night & Day, an interactive installation with the purpose of promoting a new car series. In the installation, a miniature camera dolly travels along an acrylic track, through several stations where physical or projected anamorphoses, kinetic objects, and small spectacles of mirrors and coloured light take place. Through a webpage, users live-control the car's speed and choose between two camera angles. The whole installation follows a night and day cyclus.

My contribution to the project was mainly conceiving the design and functionality of the small stations and anamorphoses. Subsequently I was also overseeing the installations' four week setting-up phase.

A project documentation can be found on INTERPOL+-'s website.